Author page: Dr Matt W Johnson

Cost of IBD Prescriptions

A recent review of 5,600 people with long-term medical conditions (including IBD) demonstrated that almost 1/3rd of all prescribed long-term therapy was not taken as recommended by their doctors (less frequently or not at all). Frequently cost was cited as the main reason for this. A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) may be of some help in cutting down these costs.…

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BBC – Living with a Stoma

This week I notice the BBC have shared 2x patient accounts of their experience of living with a stoma. Both women underwent colonic surgery; one because of cancer and the other one because of Crohn’s disease. For those unfortunate enough to need surgery, these accounts provide a useful and uplifting account of life beyond stoma formation.  

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Pan-Enteric Capsule Endoscopy

We are looking to introduce Pan-Enteric Capsule endoscopy shortly at the L&D. Potentially this could spare patients from having to undergo 3 separate procedures; SBCE, and invasive upper endoscopy + colonoscopy A second-generation colon capsule (PillCam), designed to evaluate the entire small bowel and colon, has shown promising results (NEJM JW Gastroenterol Dec 2011 and Gastrointest Endosc 2011; 75:581).  …

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