Jun 01

There has been an increase in H.pylori antibiotic resistance throughout Europe

Presently the leading triple combination therapy in UK is a 2 week course of Omeprazole 40mg bd + Clarithromycin 500mg bd + Metronidazole 400mg bd

With resistant cases quadruple therapy can be considered using 10-14 days of;-

a) Omeprazole 20mg qds + Tetracycline 500mg qds + Metronidazole 250mg qds + Bismuth Subsalicylate 524mg qds

b) Omeprazole 40mg bd + Tetracycline 1g bd + Furazolidone 200mg bd + Tripotassium Dicitratobismuthate 240mg bd

Faecal H.pylori antigen screen should be repeated 3months after treatment to ensure successful eradication

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