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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Iron Deficiency Anaemia in IBD

I have added a new video hosted on the BMJ Educational site to explain some of the local issues we have experienced with iron deficiency in inflammatory bowel disease To view the 7minute video click on this link At –  follow the tabs – Iron deficiency in Inflammatory Bowel Disease – then – Why treat Iron deficiency in Inflammatory…

Cost of IBD Prescriptions

A recent review of 5,600 people with long-term medical conditions (including IBD) demonstrated that almost 1/3rd of all prescribed long-term therapy was not taken as recommended by their doctors (less frequently or not at all). Frequently cost was cited as the main reason for this. A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) may be of some help in cutting down these costs.…

BBC – Living with a Stoma

This week I notice the BBC have shared 2x patient accounts of their experience of living with a stoma. Both women underwent colonic surgery; one because of cancer and the other one because of Crohn’s disease. For those unfortunate enough to need surgery, these accounts provide a useful and uplifting account of life beyond stoma formation.