Message to all BUPA Patients

Unfortunately some of you may be aware that BUPA have recently changed their private medical insurance cover. Certain restrictions have crept in which appear to particularly affect those with corporate cover policies.

I am only too happy to see BUPA patients, but apologise to all those that wanted to see me but now can’t because of these new restrictions.

Some patients have not been told the full truth when phoning through to BUPA. I have listed the two most common mis-conceptions below and have written an explanation alongside ;-

1) “He is not one of our recognised providers” – This is not true. I have been a recognised Specialist Provider for BUPA since I started in Private medicine. I have not signed their new contract as I am concerned that patients;-

  • Will lose their choice and right to be seen by a named consultant (specialist in their field) rather than a generic gastroenterologist.
  • Will find their management governed by what will be reimbursed by the insurance company, rather than the physician being allowed to do what he or she feels is right for that person.

2) “He over-charges” – This is also not true. My prices have not changed since I started in private medicine and were fixed to be compliant with the BUPA charging scheme

If you want to understand more about the politics and these new restrictions please read the attached patient information leaflet and newsletter links produced by FIPO (Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisation)